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World Health Day at Lengua Health Centre

World Health Day at Lengua Health Centre

In celebration of World Health Day, the staff of the Lengua Health Centre hosted a World Health Day fair on Wednesday 6th April, 2016. This programme, steered by Ms. Salima Ali, District Health Visitor, and Ms. Ameeda Hasmath, District Nurse, administered a holistic approach to the event.

To sensitize the Lengua Community on general health concerns, a wide variety of health-related lectures were presented. Over 50 persons were in attendance as Ms. Cynelle Vincent, Dietician, delivered her presentation on meal planning, making healthier food choices, and portion control. Additionally, Ms. Hasmath educated her audience on the prevention of Zika, its signs and symptoms, its mode of transmission and ways in which its spread can be prevented. Screenings for Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, and HIV Testing & Counselling were also available to encourage persons to know their health status.

These lectures and services played a pivotal role in educating attendees on the importance of getting health examinations, treatment and prevention. It also emphasised the importance of removing stigmas associated with illnesses such as HIV, Cervical Cancer and Influenza.

In Photo: Ms. Cynelle Vincent, Registered Dietician, advises a client on making healthier food choices.

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