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Frequently Asked Questions

There are thirty-one (31) health centres within the South-West Region and two extended care centres.

There are two hospitals within the South-West Region: San Fernando General and Teaching Hospital and Point Fortin Hospital.

At all hospitals there is ONE afternoon visiting session: 

San Fernando General/ Teaching Hospital - Mondays - Sundays and Public Holidays from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Point Fortin Hospital - Mondays - Sundays and Public Holidays from 4:00pm to 6:00 pm

There are five 24-hour facilities within the South-West Regional Health Authority:

  • San Fernando General and Teaching Hospital
  • Point Fortin Hospital
  • Siparia District Health Facility
  • Princes Town District Health Facility
  • Couva District Health Facility

COVID-19 testing is currently done at the following Health Centres ( Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm) :

  • Freeport Health Centre
  • Pleasantville Health Centre
  • Lengua Health Centre
  • La Brea Health Centre
  • Fyzabad Health Centre
  • Penal Health Centre 

Clients are also reminded that swabbing will only be performed if found after medical assessment to have COVID-19 symptoms and/or history of exposure/contact with a confirmed positive individual.

Visit your local health centre, Monday-Friday between. 8am-4pm and speak with a health care professional.

Both in-patient and out-patient health care services along with the associated allied health services. 

Services Page

Contact your local County Medical Office for your COVID-19 results.

If you missed your clinic appointment, visit the Out-Patient clinic on the day of the week your clinic is normally held and speak with a Health Records Clerk. A new appointment date will be provided.

Visit the Out-Patient clinic with the referral letter. The letter will be assessed and a response provided within two weeks. If a response is not provided, please return to the clinic for an appointment date.

Call 225-HEAL(4325) to speak with one of our telephone operators and your call will be directed to the department you require.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the quality of health care service can lodge a complaint.

To whom can complaints be made?

  • The Customer Relations Officer, located at the public health facility, is responsible for handling complaints
  • If you have a complaint about services at a health centre, you can contact the Primary Care Quality Co-ordinator at the Quality Improvement Department of the Regional Health Authority
  • If the complaint is about service received at a private hospital or nursing home, contact the office of the Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health (627-0010,0012)

How to lodge your complaint?

  • By telephone 87-SWRHA (877-9742) (toll free from 6am to 10pm)
  • In person
  • In writing to the Customer Relations Officer/Representative or email:

The Customer Service Officer at the Quality Improvement Department will investigate the complaint and you will be informed of the outcome. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, the Customer Relations Officer will forward your complaint to the Quality Co-ordinator of the facility for resolution.

All complaints are treated with the strictest confidence, the customer's information is kept confidential during the investigation process.

San Fernando Teaching Hospital

225-HEAL(4325) ext.1350; 87-SWRHA

San Fernando General Hospital

225-HEAL(4325) ext.3426

Point Fortin Hospital

225-HEAL(4325) ext.4720


The estimated time for feedback is 7 to 14 working days from the date of your complaint‚Äč.

Contact Us

  • Paradise Pasture, Independence Avenue, San Fernando
  • Regional Administration Centre - PBX Info: (868) 225-HEAL (4325), Customer Service Hotline 87-SWRHA(877-9742)