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Ste. Madeline Health Centre Celebrates Emancipation

The Ste. Madeleine Health Centre’s Senior Citizens Recreation Camp, on August 11th 2017, hosted their first annual Emancipation Day programme. Chaired by the enthusiastic Dr. Melissa Bachan, PCP II (Ag), the programme began with Ste. Madeline Health Centre staff walking in to the beat of live African drums, played by world renowned drummer, Mr. Hugh Humphrey and five students from his School of Drumming. Attendees were warmly welcomed by Nurse Erica Christom, District Health Visitor and staff was praised by Nurse Patricia Granger, Primary Care Nurse Manager Victoria South, for their hard work and cooperation in organising this event. The programme was filled with afro-centric activities, including drumming items from Mr. Hugh Humphrey and his students, a powerful feature address from Nigerian doctor, Dr Ngozi Ugorji, PCP I and a poem recited by Ms. Eulalie Colthrust, from the Recreation Camp. Staff also proudly sang their rendition of Bob Marley’s 'Redemption Song' and a monologue entitled, “Free At Last”, was performed by Registered Nurse and Midwife, Ms. Shermaine George. Members of the Senior Citizens Camp were presented with birthday gifts, participated in a mini fashion show, called the “Emancipation Strut”, during which they showed off their African clothing and were refreshed with Afro-Trinidadian cuisine, cooked by the members of staff at the Ste. Madeline Health Centre. 
In Photo: Mrs. Patricia Smith-Granger, Primary Care Nurse Manager Victoria South addressing the Senior Citizens Recreational Camp Members  during their Emancipation Day Celebrations

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