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Providing Quality Palliative Care at the SWRHA

The SWRHA Palliative Care service started as a volunteer-based initiative under Drs. Akenath Misir and Dylan Narinesingh in 2011, and continues today under Dr. Keshav Gyan as Consultant in the Oncology Outpatient Clinic at San Fernando Teaching Hospital. The clinic sees patients referred in-house from the Oncology Unit. The Medical and Surgical teams also avail themselves as needed for patients who require outpatient follow-up. Referrals are also accepted from the Caura Hospice and Sangre Grande Hospital, in instances where access to the San Fernando General Hospital is easier for their patients.

To date, the clinic has served over 300 patients - the youngest of whom was 16 and the oldest, 92. The clinic provides a range of services including patient and family counselling, end of life care -in particular support during the terminal phase for these patients and bereavement counselling for family members. The SWRHA Palliative Care service would not be possible were it not for the team effort of the Oncology Department at the San Fernando General Hospital.

In Photo (L-R): The Oncology Department's Medical Team- Dr. Luke Superville, House Officer in Haematology; Dr. Llyndie Legendre-Shah, House Officer in Gynae-Oncology; Dr. Vinita Verma Shrivastav, Registrar in Gynae-Oncology; Dr. Manda Mahabir, House Officer in Medical Oncology; Dr. Angela Maria Clavelo Guerra, Registrar in Medical Oncology; Dr. Keshav Gyan, Consultant (S.M.O.) in Medical Oncology, Dr. Robert Jupiter, House Officer in Medical Oncology; Dr. Saara Mohammed, House Officer in Medical Oncology and Dr. Denara Karamath, House Officer in Gynae-Oncology. Missing from photo: Dr. Vanessa Harry, Ag. HOD Oncology Department, Consultant Gynae-Oncologist and Dr. Kellie Alleyne-Mike Consultant Clinical Oncologist.

Contact Us

  • Paradise Pasture, Independence Avenue, San Fernando
  • Regional Administration Centre - PBX Info: (868) 225-HEAL (4325), Customer Service Hotline 87-SWRHA(877-9742)