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Nutrition Fair at SFTH

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department continued to demonstrate their commitment to promoting proper nutrition as they commemorated National Nutrition Awareness Week with a Nutrition Fair on June 8th, at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital.

The campaign for 2017 was “Put Your Best Fork Forward, it was a push towards the development of healthy eating patterns by consuming foods from the Six Caribbean Food Groups that contain the appropriate calorie and nutrition levels. Dietitians were present to conduct Body Mass Index screenings and offer advice about creating proper meal plans. To reinforce the ideology of good eating practices there were food displays showing the sugar, salt and fat contents in popular snacks, beverages and fast foods. Visitors were able to sample healthy drinks and snack options.

Persons were also encouraged to grow some of their foods using organic farming practices by planting herbs and vegetables using seeds, cuttings and aquaponics (growing plants fertilized by the waste produced by fishes living in an aquaponics system [tank]).

Caption: Dieticians advise clients on heathy eating habits and bad food choices

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