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La Romaine Health Centre Exercise

New Exercise Programme at La Romaine Health Centre

Dozens of persons joined Mr. Junior Bailey, Aerobics Instructor from the Five O’ Clock Krew in an hour-long aerobic session at the La Romaine Health Centre’s Carpark on Monday 4thApril, 2016 when the Integrated Diabetes Team in conjunction with the La Romaine Diabetes Support Group launched their new exercise programme.

This programme, described by Mrs. Hilary Strong-Clarke, Registered Nurse, as a “catalyst for healthy change”, will provide support for clients managing diabetes and promote regular physical activity in the La Romaine community.

Ms. Bridgette Holder, Treasurer of the La Romaine Diabetes Support Group emphasised the benefits of adopting an exercise routine, “Along with proper diet and medication compliance, exercise plays a major role in diabetes management. It has been proven that exercise also effectively aids in stress management, building one’s self-esteem and preventing communicable diseases,” she said.

These exercise sessions will continue every Monday and Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. To join, contact the La Romaine Health Centre at 657-1673.

In Photo: Mr. Junior Bailey, from the Five 'O' Clock Krew demonstrates aerobic exercise moves to members of the La Romaine community at the La Romaine Health Centre.

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