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Media Release: Response to Facebook Post regarding Patient on Floor of Clinic


For Immediate Release

Response to Facebook Post regarding Patient on Floor of Clinic


San Fernando, August 7th 2018: The South West Regional Health Authority takes note of the post circulating on social media alleging that a patient collapsed and remained there due to staff shortages. The SWRHA wishes to categorically refute this statement. At approximately 8:10 a.m., the patient was at the Medical Registration Waiting Area to be sent to the Neurology Outpatient Clinic when she began to show signs of a seizure. Thoughtfully her accompanying relative immediately placed her to sit on the floor and alerted the staff. Our team of dedicated medical professionals immediately went to her assistance where they promptly began to stabilize her. It should be noted that the standard practice for persons experiencing seizures is to place him or her in the lowest lying position for further treatment.

The patient was administered sedation and could not have been moves until the stages of the fit subsided. Once subsided the patient was immediately taken to the Emergency Department for further treatment.

The South-West Regional Health Authority wishes to reassure the public of our commitment to the continued provision of compassionate quality health care of our patients.


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