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Infant and Young Child Feeding Seminar 2017

On Wednesday August 2nd, 2017, the second annual Infant and Young Child Feeding Seminar, hosted by staff of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, was held in Conference Room A, Level 4, San Fernando Teaching Hospital. This year, the objective of the seminar was, to provide educational guidelines for Nursing and Medical Students regarding optimal nutrition for the paediatric population from birth to five years of age. Breastfeeding and pregnancy topics were addressed, including the benefits of having an exclusively breast-fed baby. 

Mrs. Kyrie Homer-Kimraj, Registered Dietitian in County St. Patrick, spoke about the theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2017, “Sustaining Breastfeeding Together” and emphasised the importance of medical staff working together to promote breastfeeding. During their presentation, Ms. Homer-Kimraj, along with Mrs. Jochelle Mohammed, Registered Dietitian in County Caroni, highlighted that breastfeeding, not only benefits babies but also has multiple benefits for mothers.

Dietetic interns also gave demonstrations on the dismissal of common myths regarding nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, dispelling common misconceptions such as the idea of "eating for two" during pregnancy. A display and demonstration on Complementary Feeding comprising the methods by which food must be prepared for a baby over the age of six months was presented by Ms. Ria Sookbirsingh, Dietetic Intern.  


At the end of the seminar, medical and nursing students were better informed on the topic of breastfeeding enabling them to pass their knowledge onto their future patients, ensuring healthy babies that will soon become healthy adults. 

In Photo: Nutrition and Dietetics interns educating staff on foods ideal for weaning babies after exclusively breastfeeding for six months

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