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Good News on Day 1 of Minimally Invasive Workshop

At the South-West Regional Health Authority, we continue to enhance our capacity for minimally invasive surgically procedures. The Department of Urology is partnering with the International Society of Urology (IVUmed) and the Caribbean Urological Association (CURA) to host a Minimally Invasive Urology Surgical Workshop from May 14th to 17th 2018.

Minimally invasive procedures use miniature or laparoscopic cameras and specialised instruments to perform surgeries through small incisions. The Workshop, which comprises surgical sessions at the Urological Operating Theatre and dinner lectures at the San Fernando General and Teaching Hospital, is being conducted by Dr. George Martin, an expert in robotic and minimally invasive surgeries from the Northeast Indiana Urology and Dr. Alex Small, Urology Resident at the Columbia University, New York.

Today, the surgical team successfully completed three surgeries in two hours, in half the usual time of these surgical procedures. At present, these patients are under observation.  We are hoping to discharge one patient today and the others tomorrow. This minimally invasive approach will increase the turnover of patients at SWRHA and improve post-operative recovery for clients. 

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