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Good News: commendation dedicated to staff of the San Fernando General/Teaching Hospital.

Ms. Keshelle Peters commends the dedicated staff of the San Fernando General/Teaching Hospital. See below for the commendation sent to us via our Customer Service Department.

"I had a baby at the San Fernando General Hospital on 6th May, 2019. Before I was discharged I was informed that the midwives from the hospital will be visiting my home to check on the baby and myself. On the 9th May, 2019 I had my first visit from the midwives, they checked my baby's weight, blood pressure, temperature etc, they also checked my blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature etc. I explained to them that I was having trouble breastfeeding and they showed me the proper way to help the baby latch and they also answered all the questions I had. Being a new mother I was extremely grateful for all the information they provided and for the understanding they showed me.
I had 2 more visits with them after this on 14th and 16th May, 2019 and again they answered all questions and explained everything so well. They were very patient and kind.
I would like to sincerely thank the midwives from SWHRA who visited me for those three days and I would like to recommend SWRHA continue with this program going forward, this will help  a lot of people. Thank you again to the midwives for all of the support and kindness you have shown me."

We say thank you to Ms. Keshelle Peters for sharing her experience with us and thank you to our staff, let’s continue to provide compassionate care and keep up the great work!

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