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Good News: Commendation dedicated to Ms. Stacy Walcott of the San Fernando General Hospital Paediatric Clinic

I recently had an appointment at the Paediatric Clinic at San Fernando General Hospital and, to my amazement, there were two older gentlemen at the counter waiting for assistance. These men were talking so loudly while waiting for their turn, but they weren’t sure where they needed to be.

What stood out to me was so amazing, a young, vibrant employee by the name of Stacy Walcott, who is attached to this unit, got up from her seat when the two men reached in front of her and proceeded to the front where they were standing.

Ms Walcott listened to them with such care and attention and then informed her co-workers that she would be back. She escorted both men to the elevator, showed them to their proper destination and then returned to her seat to continue her work. 

I sat in the general area and was so pleased at this young lady's performance that i decided to pen this letter to assure the citzens of T&T that there is still hope for our country. 

Ms Walcott, your level of performance must be commended and again I say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for going beyond the call of duty and assisting these men. 


Jo-Anne Courtney Penco 

Via e-mail. 

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