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Emergency Trauma Workshop at SFGH

The Emergency Department, San Fernando General Hospital Trauma Workshop was held on Monday 25th February 2019 for Emergency Doctors, Primary Care Doctors and Trauma Nurses. This workshop was a reinforcement of the practices for stabilizing, diagnosing and treating trauma cases. The information imparted would help create a better understanding of the basic principles of wound management, demonstrate the basic techniques on suturing a wound and recognise some common and occult injuries on x-rays.

It is important to properly treat wounds to prevent them from becoming infected thus causing further health problems for patients. Dr. Saleem Varachhia, Registrar (Ag.) presented on wound management and conducted a practical suturing demonstration, he explained how to select the appropriate techniques for closing/stitching open wounds based on the type of wound the patient presented with. He advised the participants to not just treat the wound but treat the patient and refer them if necessary to other departments based on their health conditions.    

The session on Trauma X-ray was conducted by Dr. Rico Narayansingh, Senior Medical Officer/Head of Emergency Department (Ag.). It was an interactive session where he showed x-rays of injuries sustained to different parts of the body and discussed how to read these images to diagnose the course of treatment and care for these patients.

Dr. Narayansingh said that this was the third year they hosted such a workshop and was looking forward to doing more in the future to train staff for the benefit of improving the efficiency of the emergency services.

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