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Patient Service

Medical Records Department


The Patient Service Charter explains what we do, why we do it and provides a clear understanding of the level of service you may expect from the Medical Records Department.

Who we are:

The Medical (Health) Records Department is in the business of contributing to the delivery of high quality care to patients, providing them with prompt and courteous service and ensuring that their medical (health) records are complete, timely, confidential and secure.

Our Vision:

A modern medical records department that contributes to the delivery of quality health care to patients and ensures that its medical information is accurate, secure and available when needed.

Our Mission:

To ensure that medical (health) records are complete, timely, secure and confidential to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Core Values:

  • Confidentiality
  • Quality
  • Caring
  • Integrity

Our Services:

  • We register patients for services at the Emergency Department, Wards and Outpatient Clinics.
  • We process requests for medical records from authorized personnel.
  • We maintain, file and secure medical records.
  • We schedule clinic appointments.
  • We process applications for medical reports.
  • We process queries on births and deaths.

Our Visiting Hours:

All Hospitals have two visiting sessions, Monday-Sunday & Public Holidays:-

  • Morning - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Afternoon - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

All District Health Facilities Opening Hours are as follows:-

  • Health Centres - 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Extended hours - 8:00am to 8:00pm

- Please see the Clinic Schedule page for Clinic Schedules

Our Standards:
  • You are expected to provide a form of identification e.g. National Identification Card, Driver's Permit, Passport or Electronic Birth Certificate (for children). 
  • Once you are called to the Registration Counter, you will be registered within five (5) minutes.
  • For the outpatient clinics, if you are a new case (first visit) to a clinic, you are required to provide: A referral letter.
  • For the Emergency Department, if you are a very urgent case, you will be attended to within three (3) minutes of arrival.
  • After you are triaged you will be registered within fifteen (15) minutes.
  • If you are immobile, a health record employee will come to you or your relative for registration within fifteen (15) minutes of triage.
  • (While we strive to register you within fifteen (15) minutes after triage, there may be instances when we may exceed this time due to unforeseen circumstances).
  • For the ward, you are required to provide:
    • An Admission Order
    • A Clinic Card
  • If you are a new case to a clinic, you will receive a date for your clinic appointment within twenty (20) minutes at the registration department.
  • At the clinics, you will receive a date for your next clinic appointment within five (5) minutes of seeing a doctor.
  • You or your legal representative can request a copy of your medical record by completing the Freedom of Information Act request can be made at San Fernando Teaching Hospital Level 4 225-4325 Ext:11355, Paradise Pasture, San Fernando. These forms can also be obtained online or at the Ministry of Communication.
  • You will then receive the copies of your record.
  • Ministry of Legal Affairs, located Level 3 San Fernando Teaching Hospital, Paradis Pastures, San Fernando.
  • We will process your query on births and deaths.

We aim to provide a high qaulity service, but sometimes things go wrong. If that happens we will try to make it right. 

  • If you have an issue or complaint that is not being resolved, ask for the matter to be referred to a senior supervisor. 
  • If you are still not satisfied, you can fill out a complaint form or call 87-SWRHA (877-9742).
  • We will publish regular reports showing how we have improved our services as a result of the complaints and comments we have received from you. 
  • The charter will be continuously updated annually to reflect changes and improvments in our service delivery. We will hold workshops with our patients on a periodic basis, to discover ways to resolve identified problems areas.

Your feedback and suggestions for improvement:

We are committed to improving our service to all our patients. Therefore, you are invited to give us your views and comments by completing a Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form and returning it to us or use our suggestion boxes.


The Charter outlines the standards of service you can expect in your dealings with us. We recognise that there will always be room for improvement and as we improve we will update our charter.It also sets out our commitment to you to achieve high standards of service. It does not create any new legal relationship with you and it does not affect your legal rights or obligations.

How to contact us:

You can write to :

Regional Manager,
Health Records,
Medical (Health) Records Department,
San Fernando General Hospital,
Independence Avenue,
San Fernando.

Send an email to:

Telephone: 1-868-652-3581/5 Ext. 3227/2121/2800

Visit Website:

Contact Us

  • Paradise Pasture, Independence Avenue, San Fernando
  • Regional Administration Centre - PBX Info: (868) 225-HEAL (4325), Customer Service Hotline 87-SWRHA(877-9742)