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World Kidney Day 2016

World Kidney Day 2016

Today, the South-West Regional Health Authority stands in solidarity with the world to observe World Kidney Day. World Kidney Day, recognised annually on the second Thursday in March, is a global health awareness campaign which focuses on the prominent importance of our kidneys and highlights ways in which we can reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health challenges.

This year’s campaign, which focuses primarily on “Kidney Disease & Children”, acknowledges the fact that children can also be affected by kidney diseases from a very early age, and in a variety of ways, ranging from treatable disorders to life-threatening conditions. Unfortunately, children who are victims of kidney diseases usually have those diseases for life. In adulthood, the majority of them progress toward end-stage kidney diseases.

Thus, on this day especially, let us proactively educate our parents, caregivers and young patients on the importance of recognizing and treating childhood kidney diseases, instil an awareness of kidney diseases throughout our communities and promote healthy lifestyle changes to combat the increase of preventable kidney diseases and to carefully treat both children and adults with inborn and acquired kidney disorders in Trinidad & Tobago, and around the world.

For more information on Kidney Disease, feel free to contact our Haemodialysis Unit at 225-HEAL ext. 3270.

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