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Lab Equipment

Improved Services at Pathology Lab

In recent months, the Laboratory has acquired new equipment and developed systems to enhance lab services, consequently improving the delivery of health-care services within the South-West Regional Health Authority. Two brand New-research Grade Nikon Ni-U Microscopes have been acquired by the Pathology Department. These State-of-the-Art Instruments have teaching binocular arms and allow for live video feeds and high resolution image capture. They will provide better analysis of histological samples, allowing for greater detail and confidence in patients’ diagnoses. The Lab also acquired an Automated Immunohistochemistry Analyser which is used to classify tumours, determine the primary origins of metastases, give prognostic and predictive information about certain cancers and also confirm the presence of specific infectious agents. A Reception Area was also created at the Lab’s Waiting Area on the 1st Floor BMQ Building to facilitate the numerous concerns expressed by clinicians when contacting the Lab for additional clinical laboratory information. This Area facilitates the efficient and timely transfer of information and is operated by Medical Laboratory Assistants.

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