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SWRHA Christmas

Christmas Day Greetings 2015

Christmas, the season of great joy and festivities, has come again. Homes have been cleaned and decorated, the Christmas tree is standing tall, gifts have been bought and the Christmas menu has already been planned. Christmas is undoubtedly a celebration – a celebration of life.

At the heart of Christianity, it signifies the day Jesus Christ was born. His birth commemorates the belief that Christ came to share God’s love with the world and to ultimately save humanity from its sin through His death on the Cross.This selfless act of love provides us with a significant opportunity to reflect on all of the blessings God has bestowed upon on this year and to give thanks for the family and friends who continue to love us selflessly.

Thus, during this season of celebration, the Management and staff of the South-West Regional Health Authority wishes to extend Christmas greetings to the Christian community as they celebrate the auspicious occasion of Christ’s birth. As Partners in Health, it is hoped that we all embrace this spirit of togetherness to promote the wellness of our patients, colleagues, family and friends, through selfless acts of love, thoughtful acts of kindness and generous charity. May God richly bless us all with His love, peace, joy and perfect health during this holy season of merriment.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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