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SWRHA at Inter-American Development Bank's Cheer Fair

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in collaboration with the San Fernando City Corporation presented their Cheer Fair on July 6th 2019 at CAL Skiffle Pan Yard in San Fernando. This fair focused on promoting good health, environmental protection and gender equity and organizations supporting these goals were invited to participate.

The South-West Regional Health Authority was represented by staff from Victoria County. Fair attendees were encouraged to “know their numbers” with regards to blood sugar and blood pressure levels, to be physically active and to make good dietary choices as these all play a significant role in the management and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This is in alignment with the TT Moves initiative under the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the IDB, which is part of a wider regional initiative to decrease the burden of NCDs in the Caribbean. 

A total of 55 persons were screened and six were referred for further medical attention at their local health centres.

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