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SWRHA Hosts Patient Hoist Training

The South-West Regional Health Authority continues to improve patient services. The Training and Development Unit, Human Resources Department hosted a patient hoist training on the 22nd of August at the Northern Conference Room on Level 8, San Fernando Teaching Hospital.This training was done to make persons aware of the Patient Lift or Patient Hoist system and how beneficial it can be to both caregivers and patients. The Patient Hoist system can be described as a sling lift or a sit-to-stand lift, which helps those that are receiving healthcare, particularly heavy patients, to be transferred between a bed and a chair, by the use of electrical or hydraulic power. These lifts can be set up two ways, the first being mobile and on the floor and the other, suspended overhead from the ceiling on overhead tracks. Patient Hoist Lifts are to be used by Medical Orderlies and Nursing Staff, and it was outlined at the training that in order for this to be done without mishap, staff must have proper training and follow best-practice guidelines. A demonstration was later done at the Level 16 Isolation room, at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital.​


In Photo: Mr. Darryl Bledman, Physiotherapy Intern demonstrates to SWRHA Medical Staff how to use the new hoist system to safely move patients 

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