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Promoting Kidney Health at SFGH

The Renal Department (Haemodialysis Unit, Nephrology, and Urology Department) at the San Fernando General Hospital celebrated World Kidney Day by hosting an outreach on March 13th, 2019 under the theme Kidney health for everyone everywhere. They joined with their international counterparts to raise awareness of the important function of kidneys and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Fair promoted prevention and early detection of kidney diseases and allowed visitors a first-hand look at the peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis treatment options, nutrition, pharmacy services and the Kidney Recipient Support Group of Trinidad and Tobago. The Blood Bank offered persons an opportunity to get their Haemoglobin Levels tested because the heart needs 20-25% of the circulating blood volume, therefore if the haemoglobin level is below normal the affected person can go into acute or chronic renal failure. The normal levels for women is 12.5 – 15.0 mgldl and for men 13.5-17.2 mgldl.  

Dr. Sharda Sharma, Consultant Nephrologist at SFGH highlighted that in 2017 it was estimated that 30% of the deaths in Trinidad and Tobago were due to some sort of chronic kidney disease related condition ranking it 4th in the top ten list of diseases causing deaths that year. Dr. Sharma said the there is no cure for kidney disease as the underlying disease process is irreversible, however steps can be taken to monitor and early prevention methods can be started.

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