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Pharmacy Week 2018 at the San Fernando General Hospital

In an effort to promote better patient/pharmacist communication, the Pharmacy Department of the San Fernando General Hospital is hosting a  ‘Brown Bag Medicine Review’ in commemoration of Pharmacy Week. The Brown Bag Medicine Review encourages the clients of the pharmacy to bring all their medication and supplement (including herbal medication) in a bag and the client gets to interact one on one with a pharmacist. During the review, patient are asked:

  • To read the name of the medicine on the label?
  • What they take the medicine for?
  • When do they take the medicine?
  • How do they take the medicine (with food or water)?
  • How much of the medicine do they take?

On hearing the response of the client, the pharmacist then demonstrates or writes down how the patient should take the medicine. A perfect example involves the pharmacist showing the patient the correct use of inhalers to treat asthma. The pharmacist also educates the client on potential side effects of the medication they are taking. This Brown Bag Medicine Review is especially helpful to elderly patients who has many issues when taking medication and often do not understand the importance of taking the medication the right way.  In addition, the pharmacist is sometimes able to determine if there are negative interactions of the medication with other medicines, if there is overdose of medicines, if the medicines are appropriate for the patient’s ailment, if the medicines are expired or if the client understands how to take the medicines.

The Brown Bag Medicine Review is carded to take place for the duration of the Pharmacy Week which is held between 15th to the 19th of October 2018.

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