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National Nutrition Awareness Week (NNAW) is celebrated during the month of June annually. It is a nutrition education and information campaign which places emphasis on improving people’s health through food and nutrition. As we celebrate, Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals are encouraged to increase the public’s awareness on the importance of healthy eating, sound nutrition and physical activity.

The theme for NNAW 2017 is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. This theme was chosen to remind us, that each of us can do it, one forkful at a time. Making small shifts over time, into our eating and lifestyle habits will provide us with lifelong benefits.

This year we will focus on:

  • Making healthier food choices from the Caribbean Six Food Groups while keeping within a budget
  • Enhancing the flavors of food while trimming the use of salt, sugar and saturated fat
  • Increasing awareness of portion control
  • Encouraging the use of water for hydration instead of calorie-dense drinks such as soft drinks, juices and alcohol
  • Incorporating physical activity into our daily routine

In keeping with our NNAW theme “Put Your Best Fork Forward” we encourage you to consider your dietary and physical activity habits throughout the year. Start making small changes by choosing healthier foods and increasing physical activity. Remember small changes can positively impact your health, one forkful at a time.

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