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MoH Media Release - No Malaria Outbreak in Trinidad and Tobago





Port-Spain, August 28th, 2018: The Ministry of Health (MoH) wishes to assure the public that there is no Malaria outbreak in Trinidad and Tobago. The confirmed cases of malaria recorded thus far for the year are not unusual. The majority of confirmed cases in Trinidad and Tobago are imported from neighbouring countries.

The MoH further advises that it continues to take measures to prevent the spread of malaria through integrated vector control management practices, which include:


  •          Indoor residual spraying, larviciding and spraying at the homes and surrounding areas of confirmed cases;
  •          Distribution of bed nets to suspected and confirmed cases;
  •          Mapping of confirmed cases for targeted interventions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  •          Routine visits throughout Trinidad and Tobago to identify breeding sites and facilitate source reduction.


Regarding the reported case, the IVCD has completed an environmental assessment inclusive of residual spraying in the location. This activity has now been extended as per protocol into the wider Cedros area. A multidisciplinary team from the County Medical Officer (CMOH) St. Patrick, is currently conducting surveillance and health education activities in the targeted community

Malaria evaluators are stationed throughout the country at various health centres and at major hospitals and at the Cedros Port of Entry to collect blood samples from individuals demonstrating symptoms suggestive of malaria.

The MoH also continues to maintain strong partnerships with international agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO) & Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to ensure our insect vector borne disease control, remains consistent with international best practice.

The public is reminded of the following personal protective measures for bite avoidance:

·         Use of mosquito repellents.

·         Screen doors and windows.

·         Wear protective clothing.

·         Keep surroundings clean.

The Ministry of Health remains committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the population. 



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