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Diabetes Awareness in Princes Town

Globally there are 425 million cases of type 2 diabetes and with one out of every two persons undiagnosed it has become necessary to highlight the impact of diabetes on the family. Bearing these statistics in mind the staff of the Princes Town District Health Facility collaborated with the Lions Club Princes Town to host World Diabetes Day Health Fair on the Princes Town Promenade on Wold Diabetes Day November 14th. This fair was in keeping with the theme The Family and Diabetes, it raised awareness about the disease, its impact and outlined ways to manage diabetes and build support networks for persons with diabetes.

To encourage other to persevere when faced with the complications of diabetes Dr. Anuradha Jagoo, Registrar Ag., gave a testimonial describing the challenges of living with diabetes from the age of three and the determination it took to become independent and choose what she was going to become and how she was going to achieve it. She encouraged others to chart their course and advised, “If life throws bricks at you, collect them all and build a fortress.” 

Another highlight of the day was the parade for diabetes awareness by the youngsters in the First 5th Company Baptiste Girl Guides, Scouts and Cadets, they were accompanied by representative of the Police and Fire Services of Princes Town.

Booths included:

  • Princes Town DHF Primary Care
  • SWRHA Nutrition and Dietetics Department
  • Princes Town DHF Mental Health
  • Princes Town DHF Dental Clinic
  • Lions Club Les Efforts, San Fernando
  • Diabetes Association Princes Town
  • Universal Life Tree clinic
  • Nestle Nutrition – Wellness on Wheels and Amway Nutrilite Health Products

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