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Couva DHF Cancer Awareness and Pharmacy Week Programme

When some persons hear the word ’Cancer’, they are often left stricken with the feeling of fear, far more than the fear evoked by other illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and diabetes which can have agonizing effects on the body. Every day, our bodies naturally kill cancer cells but sometimes one cell escapes the body’s natural defense system and this ‘rogue’ cell continues to multiply with no regard to the space around them. This is how malignant tumors are formed. In previous years, there have been significant improvements in cancer detection, cancer therapy and palliative care. In an effort to stamp out the fear associated with cancer, the Couva District Health Facility hosted a Cancer Awareness programme on October 19th, 2018 in commemoration of Cancer Month and Pharmacy Week. Ms. Sherma Mills Serrete, Clinical Manager at the Cancer Society highlighted the causes of cancer, encouraged persons to take regular visits to the doctor as early detection and treatment are important factors, and focused on healthy lifestyle changes that aid treatment. She also demonstrated how to perform a breast examination. Dr. Murrje Masodeen, Consultant Radiologist, focused on methods used to detect cancerous tumors or changes in mass during mammogram procedures. Ms. P. Tikasingh, Oncology Counsellor on Palliative Care advised persons on locations offering palliative care. Mr. Faheem Mohoyodeen’s, Pharmacist II, concluded the day’s proceedings with a presentation entitled “The role of the Pharmacist in the Couva community and environs”. Nurses also provided HPV vaccines and performed foot examinations.

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