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Clean Hands for All

For hand hygiene to effectively prevent the spread of infections and diseases it must be done correctly and consistently each time hands are washed at home, work, school or in any other public space. The Infection Control and Prevention Unit continued to lead the charge for mass education by hosting an outreach on World Hand Hygiene Day, May 5th, 2017. Keeping within the theme “Fight antibiotic resistance – It’s in your hands” the focus was on reducing health care associated infection and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance microorganisms within health settings.

The public and staff were invited to the San Fernando General Hospital foyer to participate in live teaching and consultation sessions about hand washing techniques and compete for prizes. Those who took the quiz or “washed their hands” were entered for the grand draw for prizes from 3M and Kimberly Clarke Professional. The winners were:

1st Place – Ms. Rajmati Raman, PCA, Main X-Ray, SFGH

2nd place – Ms. Carla Scott, ENA Community Liaison Unit, SFGH

3rd Place – Mr. Lagos, Field Officer, Guides Funeral Home

4th Place – Mr. Sahadeo Gunpat, Outpatient, SFGH 

Caption: (L to R) Trisha Thomas, Junior Secretary, learning proper hand washing technique from Natalie Greenidge, IPC Officer

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