The Wardsmaids Department culminated Wardsmaids Appreciation Month 2018 with their Appreciation Ceremony on September 28th, 2018 at Level 3 Conference Room, San Fernando Teaching Hospital. Approximately 80 wardsmaids from various health facilities throughout SWRHA as well as the St. James Medical Complex, Tobago Regional Health Authority and St. Anns Hospital attended the event aimed at recognising the hard work and dedication of the nation’s wardsmaids.  

Mr. Keith Mc Donald, Chief Executive Officer praised wardsmaids for taking the time to appreciate their colleagues and their commitment to ensuring healthy and clean environments in the SWRHA. Also present were Dr. Albert Persaud, Director of Health, Ms. Michelle St. John, Manager Hospital Administration, Ms. Juliet Forbes, Facility Manager Area Hospital Point Fortin and Mr. Stephen Alleyne, Assistant Manager, Hospital Administration.