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Latest News


NewsChairman's Greetings on Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day 2015
27th March, 2015

Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebrates the struggle for freedom of worship a...

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NewsWorld Tuberculosis Day 2015
24th March, 2015

Today, Tuesday 24th March, 2015 marks World Tuberculosis Day. This day, provides an opportunity t...

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NewsSWRHA observes World Down Syndrome Day
20th March, 2015

The South-West Regional Health Authority joins the global community in advocating the rig...

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Upcoming Events


CLU's Annual Easter Camp
31st March, 2015

The staff of the Communication Liaison Unit will be hosting their annual Easter Camp for children living with diabetes on Tuesday 31st March, Wednesday 1st April, and Thursday 2nd April, 2015. This camp aims to educate children, between the ag...

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Vaccination Drive in St. Patrick West
1st April, 2015

Health Centres in the St. Patrick West Cluster will spearhead vaccination drives within their respective communities from Wednesday 1st to Thursday 30th April, 2015. ...

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Staff Health in the St. Patrick West Cluster
7th April, 2015

In commemoration of World Health Day, observed on Tuesday 7th April, 2015 staff at the St. Patrick West Cluster will host a workshop titled ‘Staff Health Matters’ at the Techier Community Centre. ...

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