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Latest News


NewsEid Mubarak From the Office of the Chairman
29th July, 2014

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it gives me great pleasure to extend special gre...

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NewsBest Research Poster Award
25th July, 2014

The Caribbean College of Surgeons hosted its 'Best Research Poster Paper' meeting in Cura...

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NewsSWRHA Sports & Family Day 2014 Results
18th July, 2014

The South-West Regional Health Authority held its Sports & Family Day on Saturday 5th Jul...

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Upcoming Events


8th Anniversary of Community Liaison Unit (CLU)
4th August, 2014

The Community Liaison Unit (CLU) celebrates its 8th Anniversary on August 2nd, 2014.  To commemorate this event, an open day program would be held on Monday 4th August 2014 from 9:00am to 12:00noon at the Foyer, San Fernando General Hospital....

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8Th Anniversary of CLU continues....
7th August, 2014

In addition to their Open Day Program,  The Community Liasion Unit (CLU) will be hosting a short program on Thursday 7th August 2014 from 9:30am to 12:00noon at the Nurses Lounge presenting the history of CLU and the Patient Education and Cou...

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