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Latest News


NewsIndependence Day Greetings
28th August, 2015

Fifty-three years ago, our red, white and black flag was raised, signalling the birth of an indep...

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NewsDisruption of electricity at Flanagin Town Health Centre
26th August, 2015

 The  public is advised that there will be a disruption of the electricity supply at th...

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NewsPsychiatric Department hosts Graduation Ceremony
12th August, 2015

For many years mental health workers have been exposed to unpredictable behaviour from agitated f...

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Upcoming Events


Transition to Primary School at the La Brea Health Centre
1st September, 2015

Preschool students and their parents, in the La Brea community can benefit from the Transition to Primary School lecture series in September, 2015. These will be held during their Child Health Clinic, each Wednesday, and will focus on physical, me...

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Guapo Health Centre's Transition from Preschool to Primary School
1st September, 2015

Staff at the Guapo Health Centre will visit first year students at primary schools in their community during September as a part of their Transition from Preschool to Primary School, lecture series. Students will learn of issues and changes they m...

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Lecture Series on Menopause at the South Oropouche Health Centre
3rd September, 2015

Staff at the South Oropouche Health Centre will be hosting a lecture series on Menopause on Thursday 3rd September, 2015. This initiative is geared towards educating women on menopause and the physical and emotional changes they may experience as ...

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