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Latest News


NewsChairman's Greetings on Indian Arrival Day 2015
29th May, 2015

The Board of Directors and the South-West Regional Health Authority would like to join the nation...

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NewsChinese Medical Team's Photo Exhibition
28th May, 2015

The South-West Regional Health Authority in collaboration with Chinese Medical Team at San Fernan...

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NewsNew Point Fortin Hospital on the Way
28th May, 2015

On Thursday 24th May, 2015 Dr. the Honourable Fuad Khan MP, Minister of Health was joined by Dr. ...

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Upcoming Events


La Brea Health Centre observes Vaccination Week in the Americas
30th May, 2015

In commemoration of Vaccination Week in the America’s the La Brea Health Centre will be conducting vaccination sessions for staff of Wells Services from Wednesday April 1st to Saturday 30th May, 2015 at their health centre. For further i...

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Gran Couva celebrates Nutrition Awareness Week
12th June, 2015

Nutrition Awareness Week will be commemorated at the Gran Couva Health Centre on Friday 12th June, 2015 with an education programme aimed at highlighting healthy eating and nutrition choices for clients of their Wellness Group. For further inf...

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Embracing Leadership Symposium 2015
15th June, 2015

The South-West Regional Health Authority will be hosting its fourth annual Embracing Leadership Symposium entitled “Behind the Mask” from Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th June, 2015. This symposium is being organized by the Nursin...

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