The South-West Regional Health Authority is seeking to update its list of Pre-qualified Contractors and Suppliers; and invites all suitably qualified suppliers to be prequalified in the following categories:- 

  • Medical equipment, consumables, leases, maintenance, instruments etc.
  • Laboratory reagents, supplies, services, equipment
  • Engineering equipment, parts, servicing, rentals, mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, water treatment
  • Communication/ Information Technology e.g. servicing & repairs
  • Transportation services & lease of vehicle etc.
  • Health and Safety equipment & supplies, Protective wear, servicing.
  • Stationery supplies etc.
  • Media services, Advertising, Promotional supplies, Events Management
  • Environmental services e.g. landscaping, janitorial, security etc.
  • Office furniture, equipment, repairs & lease
  • Kitchen equipment, food supplies, caterers
  • Other administrative services
  • Hardware & Household supplies 

NB: The Prequalification exercise is ongoing and Suppliers/ Contractors who are already registered with the SWRHA are NOT required to re-apply.


The Pre-Qualification package can be bought at the Regional Administrative Centre (RAC I); Paradise Pasture, Independence Avenue, San-Fernando during the normal working hours (8:00am- 4:00pm) upon a non-refundable fee of $150.00.The purchased package MUST be copied for each additional category being applied for.


One (1) original of each fully completed package AND three electronic copies on CD’s must be placed in a sealed envelope labelled:

The Chair to the Tenders Committee

South-West Regional Health Authority

Regional Administrative Centre

Paradise Pasture

Independence Avenue

San Fernando

Envelopes should be clearly marked with the category of goods/services to which applied.