The Ministry of Health via the National Cancer Control Coordinating Committee (NCCCC) has engaged PAHO/WHO to develop a National Cancer Control Plan of Action which will guide the health sector in the prevention and control of common adult and childhood cancers. In this regard, a PAHO/WHO Cancer Control and Prevention Mission Team visited the San Fernando General and Teaching Hospital on April 2nd, 2019. The team comprised Ms. Silvana Luciani, Unit Chief, Non-communicable Diseases, PAHO/WHO-WDC; Mr. Pablo Jimenez, Regional Advisor in Radiological Health, PAHO/WHO-WDC; Ms. Mary Gospodarowicz, Radiation Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Mr. Owen Gabriel, Medical Oncologist, St. Lucia and Ms. Taraleen Malcolm, Advisor, Non-communicable Diseases and Mental Health, PAHO-WHO-TTO. The Team toured the Hospital, meeting with members of the NCCCC from the SWRHA: Dr. Vishal Bahall, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist; Ms. Kathy-Ann Elbourne, General Manager Nursing and Dr. Lester Goetz, Urological Oncologist, as well as Dr. Robin Sinanan, Medical Director Secondary Care (Ag.), Dr. Keshav Gyaan, Head of Oncology and Dr Pedram Lalla, Medical Director Primary Care.

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