Update on CT Machines at the SFGH


San Fernando, 20th February 2019:  The South-West Regional Health Authority wishes to clarify and correct information stated in a Newsday article dated 16th February 2019 entitled “No CT Scanners at SFGH for 3 weeks.”

The Authority currently has two CT Scan machines; a 16 –Slice Machine and a 64 Slice Machine, one of which is still on warranty. Unfortunately both malfunctioned within a short time frame. The SWRHA and has been working assiduously with the supplier to ensure that both machines are repaired in the shortest period of time.  In the interim, the organisation has made every effort to mitigate the situation by ensuring in so far as reasonably possible, that patients in urgent need of scans are accommodated at other public health facilities where this service is provided.

The relevant repair parts have been procured and are expected to be delivered and installed in the upcoming days. Repair works in respect of the 64 Slice CT Scan machine are estimated to cost the Authority $100, 000 and not $500,000 as stated in the article. Repair works to the 16 Slice CT machine will be at no cost to the SWRHA.

The Authority apologies for any inconvenience caused and encourages persons to utilise the Customer Service Desk or Customer Service Hotline at 87-SWRHA (79742) to have any concern or suggestion addressed.