SWRHA Recognises Staff Response to the Victims in Shooting Incident


San Fernando. 14 August 2018. The South-West Regional Health Authority wishes to thank staff at the Emergency and other Departments, San Fernando General Hospital for their quick response to the victims of the shooting incident which occurred on Saturday 11th August, 2018.

In keeping with our emergency services protocol, staff at the Emergency Department as well as ICU, Neuro, Orthopaedic and Nursing Departments immediately responded to intake of the five patients with gunshot wounds, providing urgent medical/life saving interventions to the injured and information to the patients’ relatives.

We are grateful to all our staff at the Emergency Department especially those who went beyond their normal work hours to deliver compassionate quality healthcare as well as our Security Officers, who were able to effectively and safely manage the flow of persons into the Emergency Department area on Saturday morning.

The South-West Regional Health Authority wishes to take this opportunity to recognise the commitment of our staff and reaffirm our continued provision of quality healthcare to the nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.