As we recognise International Nurses Week, kindly see notice on behalf of the General Manager, Nursing. The notice reads:

"Everywhere i go i speak of my profession and what it means to me. I think it's the best profession since mursing is not just an art but a science as well. As a nurse your role can be as wide as an ocean, you are an innovator, clinician, there when patient closes his/her eyes, help deliver new life and so much more.

I am proud to be a nurse, holding someone's hand, saving lives, offering solace, critical thinking makes what murses do daily priceless.

Nurses you stand at the core of humanity and i am proud of you.

It is an honor today to say, I salute you!

An anonymous author wrote "save a life you are a hero, save many lives you are a Nurse"

Have a bless week. 

Happy Nurses week


Kathy Ann Elbourne

General Manager, Nursing"


Thank you to all our dedicated nursing staff for all that you do!