"Thanks for the care

THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter of gratitude for all the blessings I received from people who are part of my life apart from family. As a patient at SWRHA, this is what I experienced. On July 4, 2019, I was a patient at the Accident and Emergency Department and thanks to the staff for their assistance and swift response to my needs.

I observed the faces of patients then and it occurred to me when it comes to individual healing there is no concern of who the medical personnel is. One just wants to be healed without paying attention to gender, race, political affiliations. One just wants to get better. I wish this was practised in all aspects of our lives it will really help our country grow. The medical staff in reverse and not biased gladly rendered their knowledge and experience in improving the health of the patients and deserve our respect.

Recognition must be given to Dr Oba who passed away. May his soul rest in peace. Other members of the surgical clinic I want to say I do appreciate your assistance thus far. To each and every personnel in the oncology clinic thank you very much for your service. I am forever grateful to each doctor too who has shown patience and kindness towards me in this journey of my life, supporting me always. Your insurmountable support to me and my family has been awesome as you have been counsellors, doctors everything to me and nothing short of empathetic.

Some doctors have been with me from the inception of diagnosis who have shown extraordinary compassion: Dr Aziz, Dr Payne, Dr Ramlakhan. All doctors will get 100 per cent in compassion if given as a topic for an exam. Doctors Gyan, Mahabir, Mohammed, LeGendre, Wheeler and Sooknan, every visit to the clinic and in the ward, you have shown such care I thank you so very much. While a lot of adverse comments are made about the medical staff, one has to be in their position to understand their tasks. While each family has one patient to care for and feel overwhelmed at times, these doctors and nurses face numerous patients daily having to answer so many medical and non-medical questions, apart from having their own families to address. They deserve empathy too given the area they work. Thank you to everyone at ward 3 for your service. Thanks to everyone at ward 7 and all members of the surgical team who performed my surgery in August 2018.

I also applaud everyone at the St James cancer health facility for their dedication to patients and the quality service rendered by each member of staff. The volunteers who serve free refreshments to everyone, your kindness is greatly appreciated. I wish volunteers take up the challenge follow this gesture which can be mirrored in the oncology department at San Fernando hospital. The site of someone coming to you offering a cup of coffee or a sandwich in the midst of dealing with treatment eases the tension. Actually just the offer with real love makes a difference not only to patients but families. I thank the doctor who assisted in contributing to breakfast in the past and who wants to find a way to make it happen continuously.

My dream is to see very soon cancer treatment for the entire country in one supply cluster where the logistics for patients, families and all staff are much easier. The patient will be able to see both doctors at the same time without having separate clinic dates. If a patient is ill after treatment, they can stay overnight receiving all amenities with both the surgical and cancer staff on hand to assist and easier access to everything. Cancer continues to rise and treatment is costly and painful. Patients and families need to be educated, counselled, assisted financially and otherwise. Patients have a low immune system and the environment has to facilitate this being clean and comfortable. The Couva Hospital is ideal and a possible location for which I beseech the relevant authorities to assist with.

Thanks again to all members of staff.


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