The staff at the Couva District Health Facility and the Couva Diabetic Support Group hosted their World Diabetes Day programme on Friday 30th November, 2018. Adhering to the theme The Family and Diabetes they highlighted concerns over the continued growth in the number persons being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and offered solution as to how this epidemic and its complications can be managed through family support and healthier lifestyle choices. Currently there are over 400 million persons worldwide living with diabetes and the concept that diabetes is a family concern as its effects are physical, mental and economical.

According to Dr. Claude Khan, Register in Medicine, who has been treating diabetic patients in the community, families must understand the importance of knowing their family’s history with diabetes since it often runs in families. The process of becoming diabetic starts in childhood as a person does not become diabetic overnight. He recommended that everyone should be screened regularly and that the next generation should be encouraged to embrace healthier lifestyle choices to delay or prevent the rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago.

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