World Blood Donor Day

“Liquid Love”, this is how Dr. Anand Chattoorgoon, Medical Director (Ag), described blood. In light of this, the staff of the Blood Bank commemorated World Blood Donor Day with an information session on Tuesday 14th June, 2016. The theme of this year’s World Blood Donor Day was “Blood connects us all”. This theme focused on thanking blood donors and highlighted sharing and connection between blood donors and patients.

In his greetings, Mr. Anil Gosine, CEO, encouraged persons to become donors. “This is not only about giving blood, but about life and death,” he said. Medical Lab Technicians gave brief lectures on blood transfusions, various types of blood and blood storage. Ms. Wendy Richards, Registered Nurse, demonstrated the six handwashing steps to the audience of approximately 50 persons.

At the end of the session tokens and prizes were awarded to donors.

In Photo: Mr. Anil Gosine, Chief Executive Officer chats with Mr. Krishendath Singh, Medical Orderly at the Couva District Health Facility, while he gives blood.