The SWRHA Health Promotion Committee continued its advocacy for healthier lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of acquiring chronic non-communicable diseases by partnering with the National Agricultural Marketing Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) at its Farmers' Market on Harris Promenade San Fernando on June 21st, 2019.

Dietitians and Dietetic Aides from SWRHA’s Nutrition and Dietetics Department were on hand to provide one on one consultation about eating the right foods in appropriate portion sizes from the Six Caribbean Food Groups to ensure that they benefit from its nutritional values. Screenings for blood glucose and blood pressure levels were conducted by the Nurses from the Roy Joseph and Pleasantville Health Centres. Persons found with high readings were asked to visit the Nutrition Booth for on spot dietary counselling and further referrals to our health facilities.  

Ms. Michelle Murray from the Policy, Planning and Research Department explained that this initiative was an effort to help persons visually connect with the raw foods they buy and ways to prepare a healthy plate for their families. By adopting these practices families will also be able to continue to enjoy some of our cultural foods that will be healthier to consume. Mrs. Murray indicated that they would like partner with NAMDEVCO again in the future to expand the reach of health awareness activities.  

Please look out for future SWRHA health promotion activities geared towards improving the health status of our population.