Substance Abuse Patients

The Psychiatric Department’s Substance Abuse Recovery Group is a support group that aims to encourage patients to stop their addiction, prevent reoccurrence in the future and enhance the quality of life for its members. The group consists of approximately 20 persons who meet on the second and fourth Friday ofevery month at the San Fernando Community Mental Health Clinic, San Fernando General Hospital.

On Friday 8th April, 2016, the group participated in a session facilitated by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension of Training and Information Service Division on how to plant crops and care for them.

Responsibility for guiding this group in specific areas of substance abuse rehabilitation has been taken up by a dedicated team of professionals which includes: Ms. Merene Singh, Mental Health Officer II, who works with the patients to prevent use and reoccurrence of drug addiction; Ms. Jacqueline Andrews-Pantin, Psychiatric Social Worker I, who works with the caregivers to provide family support; and Ms. Stephanie Llanos, Occupational Therapist, who targets the Occupational Therapeutic aspect integrating meaning and purpose into the lives of these patients.