Safety Wardens

On August 10th, 2016, the Disaster Coordination Unit of the South-West Regional Health Authority hosted its graduation ceremony for 32 Safety Wardens from the Couva District Health Facility. CDHF was the first of the three District Health Facilities within the SWRHA to complete the second phase of Safety Warden Training. These graduates have been sensitized on basic disaster preparedness and the role and fundamentals of being Safety Wardens.

Before graduating, the wardens underwent training with Mr. Keston Joseph, Manager of the Disaster Coordination Unit, and his team in basic fire safety, CPR and AED, basic first aid, means of escape in an emergency, mustering procedures and the accident command system. At the close of the graduation ceremony, the graduates were given certificates of participation, as well as ID badges on orange lanyards which identify them as Safety Wardens.

In Photo: Saftey Warden Graduant, Ms. Nadia Khan-Mohammed of the Couva District Health Facilty receives her certificate from Mr. Joseph Keston, Manager of Disaster Coordination Unit.