Thirty-four Registered Nurses from four Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) comprise the new intake of students at the School of Midwifery, San Fernando General Hospital. The group consists of 20 students from South-West RHA, two from Eastern RHA, six from the Tobago RHA and six from North Central RHA. This ten-module programme will run for 18 months and end in January 2018. Upon completion, graduates will receive a license to practice midwifery in Trinidad and Tobago.

In Photo: (Sitting L-R) Ms. Arlene Euin, Nursing Educator; Ms. Eureka Griffith, Principal; Ms. Salima Karamath-Mohammed, Nursing Educator; Ms Joy Gay-Lawrence, Clinical Educator; Ms. Denille Torress On-the-Job Trainee (clerical) with the November 5th 2016 intake of student midwives from various RHAs.