The Pathology Laboratory culminated Medical Lab Professionals Week 2019 Activities with a Cricket Tournament at the Naparima College Cricket Grounds on April 27th, 2019. This event aimed to promote health and wellness, highlight the importance of physical fitness and foster team-building skills among SWRHA staff. Teams from the Electrical Department, Pathology Laboratory and a multidisciplinary team dubbed ‘Team Blazers’ bowled off to vie for a place in the final.

Team Blazers were knocked out, as Pathology and Electrical Teams kept their run rates high in their qualifying matches to reach the finals. Though the Electrical Team batted first, Pathology players triumphantly gave chase to take the CEO’s Challenge Trophy. The titles of Man of the Match and Highest Run Scorer, were awarded to Mr. Nigel Chatoor from the Pathology Department for his display of excellent cricketing skills. Medical Lab Professionals Week annually raises awareness of medical laboratory professionals as well as pathologists, and spotlight their vital role in healthcare and patient advocacy.