The La Romaine Diabetic Support Group completed its third year of existence, far surpassing the initial goals for which it was founded. This dynamic group continues to grow over the years as it seeks to promote wellness in the community of La Romaine and environs. The main goal of the Group is to educate the community on prevention and living with lifestyle diseases.

The Group was founded in May 2015 by the Integrated Diabetes Team of the La Romaine Health Centre and is now governed by a Board of Directors lead by Dr. Sarah Roopnarine, Chairman, Dr. Leelavathi Chintala, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Lyndon Gumbs, Secretary and Mr. Urich Birbal, Director.

Educational Meetings have been conducted every month from inception at the La Romaine Health Centre on the fourth Saturday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Members are motivated by the dynamic speakers who consist of practitioners from various disciplines, all promoting and giving advice on health care.

A Management Committee, consisting of members of the community, plans and implements all activities of the Group.