Good News Article published in today’s (Friday 18th January, 2019) Newsday entitled “Well done Sando Gen”.

The article reads:          

THE EDITOR: In this twin island of ours, bad news is often hidden away on page 10 or 12. I know what I’m about to write may not be the stuff of headlines, but I do hope that somewhere on page 10 or 12 members of the public read this and are encouraged.

I had my third baby at San Fernando General Hospital on 23rd December 2018. My first two were also born there. All three times I have had the most positive experience.

Dedicated nurses, caring and experienced midwives, overworked and underpaid doctors. Third time around, I felt moved on this occasion, perhaps because of the Christmas/New Years’ good spirits, to share my praises and thanks for the kind, blessed, hardworking staff I encountered in my journey to bring my son into the world.

Many people have harrowing experiences in our public health care system, the kind that should make us ashamed of ourselves as a Country that we are not doing better. Those are the stuff of front pages and headlines. My little story is one that is of hope and encouragement for those who toil without thanks, those who smile, give and care in the face of adversity, negativity, criticism, ignorance, insufficient equipment, understaffing, the list could go on.

To every single nurse, doctor, midwife, orderly that was on duty the night of the 22nd to the afternoon of the 24th December 2018 at San Fernando General Hospital. God bless you and your families richly. Keep making our nation proud and being an integral part of bringing forth new life.

Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal


Thank you for continuing to exemplify true Quality Healthcare! Keep up the great work team!