The following commendations were submitted by clients visiting various health facilities in the South-West Region in January 2019. Congratulations to our dedicated SWRHA staff, let’s continue to provide compassionate care and keep up the great work!



"The Doctors, Staff and Nurses were helpful and friendly. As a citizen of this country, I am proud of these people, they always do an excellent job." - R.R.



"Ms. Mohammed indicated that she was satisfied with the customer service she received at Rochard Douglas Health Centre. She rated the service as "good."- K.C.M.



"Ms. Richardson indicated that she was satisfied with the service she received at Ste Madeleine Health Centre. She rated the service as "excellent."-  M.R.


ROY JOSEPH HEALTH CENTRE (Management Professional)

“The ambiance has been 100% improved so waiting is not so painful. Staff has always been good. I thank you sincerely for the comfort. The attention continues to be very good even as a senior citizen. Blessings.”- C.G.


MARABELLA (Clinic- Integrated Diabetic Programme)

"I was given information that I did not know before. Also as a diabetic 5 years and I got my feet checked for the first time. Satisfied with the health education and information given by Mr. Mohammed."- S.C.                   

LA ROMAINE HEALTH CENTRE (Clinic- Integrated Diabetic Programme)

"Informative, family oriented, supportive friendly and comfortable. Excellent work. Thank you. "- H.K.



 “I am quite pleased with the excellent service I received at this centre.  All of the staff were warm and friendly, and the doctors were extremely thorough.  Great work, speedy and efficient.” - Mr. J.


PALO SECO HEALTH CENTRE (Clinic)             

“The doctor was good.  Dr. Bubrey.”- J.N.J.

“Dr Dubrey's manner of approach was excellent.  He dealt with me beautifully.”- T.P-C.

“Excellent Services from the entire staff.”- K.H.

“Dr Dubrey took his time and assessed me.”- A.M.C.



“Good.  Medication was on time and receiving treatment” – N.H.

“Everything was good.  Attended to quickly.”- K.D.D.

“Service was good” – N.B.


POINT FORTIN HEALTH CENTRE (Point of Care Testing- Phlebotomist)

"Thank you all for the blessings we share. May God be with us all. Thanks sincerely."- H.A.B.


SFGH/SFTH (Paediatrics 14A)                                                           

“The members of staff were very diligent and helpful.” – N.B.

“Service was great by doctors and nurses on time and accurate. Thank you. – S.R.


SFGH/SFTH (Urology Ward)

“Ms.Gibbs states she was warded on Urology Ward on 12/12/2018 and would like to congratulate the entire team of doctors and nurses who took care of her and brought her back to good health.”- E.G.


SFGH/ SFTH (Ward 6S)

“Compliments to Doctors  & Nurses very thankful.”- J.R.


SFGH/SFTH (Accident and Emergency)

“Visited ED on the 31/12/2018 as a patient. Thank you to all the staff for all the care provided Drs and nurses especially in the Trauma room.” – M.W.

“Customer was satisfied with the care received.” – S.


SFGH/SFTH (Clinic)

“Mr Darrel Smith express that he was very pleased with the helpfulness/information provided by the Customer Relation Officer.”- D.S.

“Best Service I ever had with Customer Relations Office-Quality Department: Shenelle Wattie was very helpful. Weeks went by other departments could not find my file, within 10 mins of complaint, Miss Shenelle Wattie got my file. Thanks Shenelle Wattie.” – M.R.


SFGH/SFTH (Blood Bank)

 “Customer was satisfied with service provided.”- Anonymous

“Satisfied with service” – A.A.  


SFGH/SFTH (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

“Continue to maintain excellent public relations pertaining to execution of duties.”- C.A.


SFGH/SFTH (Medical Services)         

"Thanks to Drs, patient and relative has been getting through with everything they needed, don’t have to wait.” – C.R.

“Ms.Gibbs states she was warded on Urology Ward on 12/12/2018 and would like to congratulate the entire team of doctors and nurses who took care of her and brought her back to good health.” – E.G.


SFGH/SFTH (Labour Ward)

"In this twin island of ours, bad news makes headlines, good news is often hidden away on page 10 or 12.  I know what I’m about to write may not be the stuff of headlines, but I do hope that somewhere on page 10 or 12, members of the public read this and are encouraged. I had my third baby at San Fernando General Hospital on 23rd December 2018. My first two were also born there. All three times I have had the most positive experience. Dedicated nurses, caring and experienced midwives, over-worked and underpaid doctors. Third time around, I felt moved on this occasion, perhaps because of the Christmas/New Year's good spirits, to share my praises and thanks for the kind, blessed, hardworking staff I encountered in my journey to bring my son into the world. Many people have harrowing experiences in our public health care system, the kind that should makes us ashamed of ourselves as a country that we are not doing better. Those are the stuff of front pages and headlines. My little is one that is of hope and encouragement for those who toil without thanks, those who smile, give and care in the face of adversity, negativity, criticism, ignorance, insufficient equipment, understaffing, the list could go on. To every single nurse, doctor, midwife, orderly that was on duty the night of the 22nd to the afternoon of the 24th December 2018 AT San Fernando General Hospital, God bless you and your families richly. Keep making our nation proud and being an integral part of bringing forth new life.” – S.D.J.