The following commendations were submitted by clients visiting various health facilities in the South-West Region in December 2018. Congratulations to our dedicated SWRHA staff, let’s continue to provide compassionate care and keep up the great work!



"Good care was taken. The doctor was very helpful" (Emergency Department) - D.R

"Ms Sanchez, Ultrasound clerk is very nice (Radiology)."- O.H

"Ms Sanchez assisted me when she saw me waiting for hours and I was very pleased." (Radiology) – J.S



"Excellent Service by Dr. Sitaram and her team. Pleasant and Professional, with a smile." (Emergency Department)- A.C

"Heartfelt thanks to the Medical and Nursing team who attended to my husband on Friday 14th December 2018 at CDHF." Mrs. Baboolal added that "as a result her husband is alive today and for that reason I am eternally grateful." Mrs. Baboolal indicated that she intends to publicly acknowledge the excellent care received at both CDHF and SFGH in the near future.” (Emergency Department)- B.B



“The doctor was very nice.” (Neurosurgery OPC)- N.M

 “Client was transferred from Ward 3 to Ward 11F SFTH for further management. WD contacted Ward 11F and spoke with HN Burton, who was unaware of client needing a MRI. Upon investigation, the client would be taken to Mt. Hope on 27/Nov/2017 to have same done. WD telephoned complainant and informed of this and he was grateful and thankful for the information and the intervention made.”(Ward 3) D.C

 “Very professional and courteous staff. I was highly impressed. Information given was accurate. Good Job.” (Blood Blank)- C.T

 “Patient was satisfied with the care given, he comes on a weekly basis.” (Urology OPC)  - H.B

“First time appointment and service was good.” (Endocrinology OPC)E.A

“Service was satisfying.” (Endocrinology OPC)  –D.R

“The wait was not long and the doctor was very nice and patient.” (Cardiac OPC)- C.C

“Client stated that Dr. Seepaul explained why the surgery was postponed. Both nurses and doctors were professional. Patient is recommending a television be installed.” (Ward 7) - A.R

“On behalf of the Nayek Foundation I would like to extend my gratitude for the assistance given to a Foundation Member, Mr. Kemchand Singh, who was suffering greatly from a hernia. He was admitted into the San Fernando General Hospital on Wednesday o5th December, 2018, however the surgery was successfully completed on Friday 7th December, 2018, as it deemed life threatening. We are very thankful for the assistance given by yourself, Mrs Nissi Stephen who assisted with medical records and Ms. Patricia, in making necessary arrangements with South West Regional Health Authority to accommodate Mr. Singh on such short notice. He was initially schedule for the surgery on the 8th July, 2019, however, due to the kind and swift response of your colleagues, the date was changed to schedule the surgery within a few days.  We greatly appreciate the assistance offered by yourself, Ms. Stephen and Ms. Patricia, as well as, by extension, the staff at the San Fernando General Hospital, who were very helpful and kind in dealing with the issue.  We commend the hospital for its diligent and hard-working employees under your purview. Please continue the good work and may God Bless you to continue in the path of success. Thank you sincerely for your help.” (Ward 7) N.F

 “Service was satisfying.”(Orthopaedic) - C.S

“Went to ultrasound department and was well satisfied with service provided” (Radiology Services)A.G

 “No comment quite satisfied.” (Radiology Services)- C.D