“One in every six women and one in every 30 men go through some type of abuse,” said Ms. Gita Jaglal-Bankay, Medical Social Worker I, and County Caroni at a lecture on Domestic Violence and the Role of the Social Worker in the Community at the Flanagin Town Health Centre on January 23rd, 2019.

The lecture was centred on defining Domestic Violence, types of Domestic Violence and the cycle of abuse experienced by persons exposed to abuse. She stated that the cycle of abuse comprises actual abuse which is followed by guilt, excuses, back to normal behaviour and fantasies about a persons’ spouse. She focused on types of physical and verbal abuse that a person may experience from a spouse, partner or family member and highlighted bullying as a form of verbal abuse.

The types of abuse identified by Ms. Jaglal-Bankay during her presentation were emotional, cyber, sexual, economic/financial and stalking. Brochures detailing the groups that persons can call for assistance were disseminated to the thirty-two persons who were in the audience. Ms. Jaglal-Bankay will continue her series on Domestic Violence at the Couva DHF on February 7th, 2019.