In 1968, the first batch of eighty (80) nurses entered the Basic Comprehensive Nursing Program in the School of Nursing San Fernando (building now used for oncology). This year 2018 marks their 50th Anniversary in Nursing.

This Batch of nurses 60 females and 20 males contributed significantly to advancing the art of Nursing and Midwifery not just in Trinidad and Tobago but Internationally. They were committed to their patients in whose lives they made a difference. Their boundless compassion and interdisciplinary collaboration continue to generate positive feedback and meaningful innovation.

They depicted what being a nurse is all about. They made you realize that Nurses save Lives, the essence of Team Work and so much more.

They decided to give back to the profession for their 50th Anniversary by conducting two workshops on the 5th and 7th September 2018. Motivational session entitled “Empowered to Rise” on the 5th   by Sandra Ramjit and Leadership in Nursing on the 7th. A week of activities was planned to culminate with the unveiling and presentation of a challenge trophy from the Batch. The trophy will be presented to a ward for excellence in ward management and nursing care.

The sessions were well received. Nurses were asked to let the “Change Begin with Us”

Congratulations to BCNP1 for being the trailblazers in Nursing!!!

Let’s see which Ward will be the first to receive this trophy!

K. Thomas Elbourne