Kindly see the following letter submitted by Ms. Leana Sookram-Rampersad praising staff at the Maternity Ward, San Fernando General Hospital.

The letter reads:


Good day,

On Saturday 9th June 2018 I was admitted to the Maternity Ward with some “complications “. I was 39 weeks pregnant and in pain, only to find out that the ultrasound showed the amniotic fluid surrounding my baby was decreased. Prior to this I had a smooth pregnancy and had never ever imagined to be so scared in my life before. I remember crying inconsolably on entering the ward with my husband.... And then a midwife from the labour ward dressed in a chequered red and white uniform hugged me and told us that I was in the right place and everything will be okay.

So many “bad stories “about that ward that plagued the media kept flashing in my mind.... a million thoughts flew through my mind in seconds... It was my very first pregnancy and I wanted a safe delivery...I didn’t want to disappoint my husband....he was the happiest man when the ultrasound showed that he was having a son, but most importantly I did not want [any]thing bad to happen to my baby.  I remembered the warm hug given to me by that midwife... the hug that gave us (my husband and I) strength...the hug that illuminated my fears. This was the beginning of my successful four day stay at the hospital.

Due to my complications I was unable to dilate fully. The doctors were very patient with me and gave me a big chance to deliver my baby naturally since it was my first baby. After almost two days of trying various methods to induce labour which did not work, my next option was to do a caesarean. The doctors informed and advised me and my husband of every medication given and decision made.

In two days, my son will be four months old. I am on my way to a successful recovery from my C-section. Thank you SFGH for trying your best to ensure I had a safe delivery. Thank you for making the right choices that resulted in my successful delivery. Thank you for ensuring my son and I received the gift of life! Thank you and the security guards for allowing my husband to visit me. Thank you for allowing him (my husband is my biggest support) to be there outside the ward the non-visiting hours in my time of desperation and for every decision the doctors made, I truly, truly appreciate it.

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the doctors, all nurses and all other staff on the entire maternity ward at the San Fernando General Hospital, for a devoted service they provided to me and my husband recently which resulted in successful delivery of my baby.  On arrival at the hospital, my husband and I were very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown, but the doctors and nurses were all so kind and reassuring which took away a lot of our apprehension. They demonstrated their total commitment in caring for me and my complications when I was helpless in the days and also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take my first steps on the road to my rehabilitation which meant so much to me.

I’d like to particularly thank Dr. Ali and his team who provided me with round the clock monitoring and care. These doctors worked way beyond their call of duty to ensure we (my husband and I) received proper treatment and especially to Dr. Subramanyan, his surgical team and Nurse Sarah for their expertise in the operating theatre and for their post-operative support.

Thank you a million Nurse Sarah from the operating theatre for all your good words of love and encouragement… These were members of the hospital whom we saw on a daily basis and whom I became particularly close to during my stay in the hospital. However, I’d also like to thank all the other people, too numerous to mention, who all played such an important part in my successful delivery and recovery. Thank you for allowing my husband to be present for every decision I had to make and for every step of my stay. Staff of the S.F.G.H. Maternity Ward keep up the great job and continue doing what you do to save lives. 

Leana Sookram-Rampersad 


Thank you for providing compassionate quality healthcare. Keep up the great work!