Emergency Contact

Ambulance - 990
Fire - 990
E999 - 671-1514, 671-0988

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Contact Us


South-West Regional Health Authority
Regional Administration Centre

Paradise Pasture
Independence Avenue
San Fernando
PBX nos.: 653-4259/8078, 652-6810, 657-4056/9872
Human Resources: Ext. 5016
Fax no.: 653-4259 ext. 2310
Email address: info@swrha.co.tt

San Fernando General Hospital

Phone: 652-3581-6

San Fernando Teaching Hospital

Phone: 225 - HEAL (4325)

Area Hospital Point Fortin

Phone: 648-2098/5036/2998

Fax: 648-2385

Couva District Health Facility

Phone: 636-4024

Princes Town District Health Facility

Phone: 655-2036, 655-7308, 658-4700

Siparia District Health Facility

Phone: 649-3996


Please go to the Clinical Schedules page for health centres' phone numbers.