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The South-West Regional Health Authority is in the business of promoting wellness and providing cost-effective, customer-focussed health care to the people of the South-West region within the guidelines of the national policy.


To be a dynamic, people-focussed organisation providing comprehensive, quality health care through inspired and dedicated teams satisfying the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders in a safe and healthy environment.

About Us

The Regional Health Authority was created by an Act of Parliament in 1994 as part of Government's efforts through the Health Sector Reform Programme to decentralise the management and provision of health care in Trinidad and Tobago. Presently there are 5 RHAs North West, North Central, South-West, Eastern and Tobago. As an entity of statute, SWRHA is governed by a non-executive Chairman and Board of Directors. SWRHA's boundaries cover more than one third of the land surface of Trinidad, extending from Freeport in the north west to Icacos in the south west, Moruga in the south east and Tabaquite in the north east. The population in this region is approximately six hundred thousand. Since its birth in 1995, the South-West Regional Health Authority has been at the forefront of innovation and development in the health services of Trinidad and Tobago, daily endeavouring to be true to its motto: Your Partners in Health through the quality and environment of care, both for those who utilize and supply services at our facilities. We are proud of our achievements thus far. We know that there is still much to be accomplished and therefore we promise that, given the necessary resources and time, we will continue to strive ahead, ever mindful of our mandate to provide you with the best health care possible.

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Statement Of Principal Responsibilities

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) is one of five (5) existing Regional Health Authorities established by the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago under Act No. 5 of 1994 as part of Government's efforts through the Health Sector Reform Programme to decentralise the management and provision of health care in Trinidad and Tobago. The SWRHA is responsible for the administration and management of the San Fernando General Hospital, San Fernnado Teaching Hospital, Area Hospital Point Fortin, the Princes Town District Health Facility, Couva District Health Facility, Siparia District Health Facility and 33 health, outreach and extended care centres located throughout the region.

Quick Facts on SWRHA

Established: 1995
Population: 600,000
Motto: Your Partners In Health
Surface area: 1/3 of Trinidad
North-western boundary: Freeport
South-western boundary: Icacos
South-eastern boundary: Moruga
North-eastern boundary: Tabaquite
No. of hospitals: 3 
No. of district health facilities: 3
No. of health centres: 31
Extended Care Centres: 2

Contact information:
South-West Regional Health Authority
Regional Administration Centre
Paradise Pasture
Independence Avenue
San Fernando
Phone (PBX): 653-4259
Email: info@swrha.co.tt


Board of Directors

Chairman- Dr. Alexander Sinanan

Deputy Chairman- Mrs. Valerie Alleyne-Rawlins

Mr. Anil Bhagowtee

Ms. Jennifer Marryshow

Dr. Harry Smith

Ms. Jayselle McFarlane

Dr. Shalini Pooransingh 


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Executive Management Team

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Anil Gosine
Chief Operations Officer  
Director of Health (Ag.)  Dr. Dale Sookoo
Medical Director (Ag.) Dr. Pravinde Ramoutar
General Manager, Nursing Mrs. Franka Ollivere- Andrews
General Manager, Allied Health Services  Ms. Indra Maharaj
General Manager, Finance & Supply Chain Ms. Gail Miller-Meade
General Manager, Operations Mr. Wayne Homer
General Manager, Policy, Planning and Research Mr. Mohan Ramjit
Medical Director, Primary Care Dr. Dale Sookoo
Manager, Quality Improvement Ms. Seromanie Rampersad-Debideen
Nurse Manager (Ag.) Ms. Sherma Alexander
Senior Legal Officer Ms. Allyson Cudjoe
Manager, Corporate Communications Ms. Crystal Marcano



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Facility Managers

Manager, Hospital Administration
San Fernando General Hospital

Ms. Anita Lakhan

Facility Manager
Area Hospital Point Fortin

Ms. Juliet Forbes

Facility Manager
Couva District Health Facility

Ms. Rena Yearwood
Facility Manager
Princes Town District Health Facility
Ms. Sunita Castillo

Facility Manager
Siparia District Health Facility

Ms. Michelle St. John


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